Cheasty GS: Cheasty Blvd - Cheasty Greenspace- Reclaim, Restore, …01/18/2020


Friends of Cheasty Greenspace- Mountainview is a community-led volunteer organization in South Seattle dedicated to restoring urban greenspace, increasing community access to nature, and providing outdoor recreational opportunities in urban forests. We work to restore the natural ecosystem of this forest; reclaim the greenspace as a place to provide health and vitality; reconnect our community to the natural world; and reimagine how we connect with each other and the world around us.

All ages OK

15 out of 50 participants registered.

What to Bring

Wear clothes and close-toed shoes that can get wet, muddy, and dirty. Tools, gloves, coffee, snacks, expertise, and community camaraderie are already there waiting for you. Individuals are supported in working at their own challenge levels, so all ages and abilities are welcome.

Where to Meet

We meet at View Point Park in the Rainier Vista neighborhood in the Rainier Valley of Seattle at 9am. The physical address is 4219 28th Ave. S, within a half-mile of Link Lightrail’s Columbia City Station.

Where to Park

Why drive? Walk over in the fresh air or ride your bike; ride Link Lightrail to the Columbia City Station; or ride metro bus # 50 or 106 to the intersection of Alaska/Martin Luther King, Jr. BLVD. There is limited neighborhood street parking, too.

Date & Time

January 18, 2020 9am - 12pm


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Event Safety Measures

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