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Calendar of Events

May 24, 2022


Northacres Stewardship Team

May 24, 9:30am-1pm @ Northacres Park

Please join us as we improve wildlife habitat and trail corridors for park users. The focus is on slow and careful work by folks who want to learn about and support the urban forest. No experience is necessary and all are welcome and encouraged to join regardless of age or ability! Specific work will involve pruning and weeding as we nurture biodiversity at the park. more


Roxhill Park Volunteer Event

May 24, 10am-12:30pm @ Roxhill Park



Blackberry Begone

May 25, 9am-12:30pm @ Burke-Gilman Trail

We'll be removing Blackberry, Stinky Bob and other noxious weeds along this stretch of the B-G Trail more


Stewardship Squad

May 25, 11am-2pm @ Cheasty Greenspace: Mt View

Stewardship Squad has been stewarding Cheasty Greenspace for almost 10 years! Come and enjoy the magnificent work of your predecessors and contribute your own little piece of energy to this historic collaboration. more


Thistle, Stinky Bob and more! Help us get rid of it all!

May 27, 9am-12:30pm @ Burke-Gilman Trail

We'll be working hard to get rid of a whole lot of Noxious Weeds on the BGT more


Pritchard Weeding

May 28, 9am-1pm @ Pritchard Island Beach

Please join us to weed morning glory, blackberries, ivy, and whatever else we find to make way for native plants. more


Volunteer work party at Thorndyke

May 28, 10am-1pm @ Thorndyke Park

Join stewards Walter and Sal for a Saturday morning volunteer event at Thorndyke park in Magnolia! Restoration activities will include invasive removal, check-in on our new winter plantings and general site maintenance. See what's been going on and what our recent UW interns have helped us accomplish! more


Magnuson Reforestation

May 29, 10am-2pm @ Warren G. Magnuson Park

Help improve habitat and create replacement forest on a formerly denuded navy airfield. The aim is to create healthy forest habitat and increase beneficial ecosystem services including provision of human enjoyment and health. It is also an opportunity to enjoy nature and learn a bit about native plants while doing satisfying work. Work is most likely to include removing invasive plants like blackberry and ivy but may also include other tasks such as distributing wood chip mulch. more


Roxhill Restoration

May 29, 10am-1pm @ Roxhill Park

Our first two clean up events have been wildly successful. Now it's time to get going on those darned invasive plants-- primarily blackberry. We'll be working in the southern area of the park, near the kiosk and the supply chest. more


It ain't over till it's over - Noxious Weed removal just goes on!

May 30, 9am-12:30pm @ Burke-Gilman Trail

We'll be trying to finish up our noxious weed removal from this area more