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Calendar of Events

February 18, 2019


Lawton Park Presidents Day event

February 18, 10am-2pm @ Lawton Park

we will continue restoration work like mulching, removing blackberry and ivy, hand sawing downed wood and planting all while thinking of Presidents Day more


Magnuson Reforestation President's Day

February 18, 9:30am-1pm @ Warren G. Magnuson Park

Help improve habitat and create replacement forest on a formerly denuded navy air base. Work to prepare for soon coming planing will be mostly invasive plant removal and may include other work such as mulching or weeding.. It is also an opportunity to enjoy nature and learn a bit about native plants and park history while doing satisfying work. Advance approval of leader is required for youth groups or children below high school age. more


West Duwamish GS: Riverview

February 19, 10am-2pm @ West Duwamish GS: Riverview



Wetlands Restoration and Community Lunch

February 22, 10am-12pm @ Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetland

Help create a wetland wonderland at Seattle's largest urban farm! Join Tilth Alliance staff, neighbors and a longtime community crew of East African seniors. We'll enjoy a healthy and delicious community lunch at noon, so please bring a small donation or a dish to share. Children, youth and families welcome! more


WEWO at South Kubota

February 22, 9am-12pm @ Kubota Gardens Natural Area

finish planting, planting areas will need to be cleared of ivy. more


Deadhorse Canyon 4th Saturday

February 23, 9am-1pm @ Lakeridge Park

Please come to the best kept secret natural area in Seattle, Deadhorse Canyon, to help us in our continuing battle for truth, justice, and ecosystem services. We always declare victory at 1 PM. We will be doing one or more of the following: - Plant native trees and shrubs - Remove invasive vegetation (e.g. ivy, blackberry) - Maintain the trail - Remove trash (this is the most glamorous job we have!) more


EarthCorps at Camp Long

February 23, 10am-2pm @ Camp Long



Green Lake Work Party

February 23, 9am-12pm @ Green Lake Park

We will be weeding and mulching in our existing restoration sites in preparation for March planting. more


North Beach Park

February 23, 9am-11am @ North Beach Park

Spend a brisk Saturday morning in this urban forest as a harbinger of spring. We will remove some ivy that is sneaking back into areas that we planted a couple of years ago. And of course admire the first signs of new growth such as Indian Plum and skunk cabbage. more


Refresh and Restore

February 23, 10am-2pm @ St. Marks Greenbelt

This is a beautiful place to spend your Saturday morning restoring your nearby urban forest. Help us with monthly tasks and provide your mind and body with refreshing nature. In addition to working with us, you can take a walk and tour the acres of towering Big Leaf Maples and Sword ferns. If you are lucky you'll see a Coopers Hawk or two! more


Thistle Street GS Restoration Event

February 23, 10am-2pm @ Longfellow Creek GS: Thistle Street Greenspace



Westcrest Park Forest Restoration Work Party – 8th ave/Evento de Restauración en el Bosque del Parque Westcrest - 8a Avenida

February 23, 10am-2pm @ Westcrest Park

Join DIRT Corps in revitalizing Westcrest Park. We are working on the parcel of land next to 8th Ave, and it is overgrown with Himalayan blackberries! It's up to us and our volunteers to bring it under control! The beginning of this volunteer event will include a brief weed ID. Combine knowledge with action as we work to clear this beautiful space of harmful species that overtakes the area. Many of you might already have this experience in your own backyard! Let’s work together to gradually transform and maintain Westcrest Park and make it a great public space for everyone to enjoy. Let us know of any questions, hope to see you out there! Acompaña a DIRT Corps a revitalizar el Parque Westcrest. Estamos trabajando en la tierra de la parcela de la 8a avenida del Parque Westcrest en donde la zarzamora está demasiado crecida! Está en nuestras manos como DIRT Corps y en la de los voluntarios el mantener el control del crecimiento de la zarzamora en este espacio! El inicio de este evento voluntario incluirá una breve introducción de plantas invasoras. Combina el conocimiento con la acción mientras trabajamos para limpiar este hermoso espacio de las plantas invasoras que lo dañan y lo van desplazando de él. Muchos de ustedes han experimentado esto en sus patios traseros en casa! Trabajemos juntos para transformar y mantener gradualmente el Parque Westcrest y hacer de él un espacio agradable al público para que todos puedan disfrutarlo. Déjanos saber si tienes alguna pregunta, esperamos verte ahí! more


Bird Walk on the Burke-Gilman Trail with Woody Wheeler

February 24, 9am-11am @ Burke-Gilman Trail

Join Friends of the Burke-Gilman Trail for our monthly Bird Walk and Citizen Science project. All ages and experience levels welcome. Woody, Wheeler, Master Birder and author will lead our walk. more


Restoration Work in North Beacon Hill Greenbelt

February 24, 10am-1pm @ Cheasty GS: Cheasty Blvd

We are working to restore this site to the beautiful forest it was meant to be. This work party will focus on removing ivy and blackberry vines from new areas and in tending to previously planted areas by weeding, removing blackberry shoots that are coming up and other maintenance activities. Come join the fun! more


Longfellow Creek GS Restoration Event

February 26, 10am-2pm @ Longfellow Creek GS: Yancy