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Calendar of Events

September 28, 2021


Magnuson Reforestation

September 28, 9am-12pm @ Warren G. Magnuson Park

Help improve habitat and create replacement forest on a formerly denuded navy airfield. The aim is to create healthy forest habitat and increase beneficial ecosystem services including provision of human enjoyment and health. It is also an opportunity to enjoy nature and learn a bit about native plants while doing satisfying work. Work is most likely to include removing invasive plants like blackberry, ivy, and Canada thisle but may also include other tasks such as distributing wood chip mulch. Participants must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and over 12 years of age. more


Pigeon Point Park Restoration Event

September 28, 10am-12:30pm @ Pigeon Point



More weeding at 39th Ave & NE 51st

September 29, 9am-12:30pm @ Burke-Gilman Trail

We'll be continuing our weeding project in this area more


Delridge and Myrtle Restoration Event

September 30, 10am-12:30pm @ Delridge and Myrtle