Ravenna Park - Ravenna Park Watering & …06/29/2024


Long ago, Ravenna Park was an old growth forest with a hot spring, salmon run, and a visitors lodge. It was considered a 'must see' for visitors of the Seattle area, but was later logged for firewood by a corrupt city official who pocketed the money. I and many other volunteers have spent years helping to restore the park to something closer to what it should be.
Over the last few years, we've cleared and planted the area around the bridge, and this year I've got a cistern up on the hill. At this event we'll be maintaining the planted areas by watering and weeding, and thanks to the cistern, it'll be a lot easier than in prior yerars.

All ages OK

5 out of 20 participants registered.

What to Bring

gloves, water

Where to Meet

Mid Ravenna Parking Lot

Where to Park

Mid Ravenna Parking Lot

Date & Time

June 29, 2024 1pm - 3pm


Bryson Hirai-Hadley


Extra Info

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Event Safety Measures

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