Thanks for your interest in volunteering with GSP! However, as Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Green Seattle Partnership work to do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 to the most vulnerable individuals, we are cancelling volunteer programs starting March 13 and going through April 13. Please continue to check back here for updated information and opportunities to get involved as soon as we are cleared to restart volunteer events. If you have any other questions during this time regarding volunteering, please reach out to
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Calendar of Events

November 10, 2018


Bird Focus: Woodpeckers of Seattle

November 10, 8am-10am @ Seward Park

Join me and explore the world of our woodpeckers here in Seward Park more


Camp Long Restoration Event

November 10, 10am-2pm @ Camp Long



Community Restoration Event

November 10, 2pm-4pm @ Seward Park

Planting new native plants in mulched areas more


Discovery Fall Planting with EarthCorps

November 10, 10am-2pm @ Discovery Park



Frink Park fall planting

November 10, 10am-2pm @ Frink Park



Genesee Park Restoration

November 10, 9:30am-12:30pm @ Genesee Park and Playfield

Come pull ivy and invasive blackberry with us at Genesee Park. This forest, that borders the meadow, hasn't seen restoration work in several years. Be a part of this new beginning. Children are encouraged to join in. more


Give Native Plants a Chance - Green Lake Park

November 10, 9am-12pm @ Green Lake Park

Begin work on a new planting area on the west side of the lake by grubbing out invasive himalayan blackberry canes. This will be ouchy work what with the spiky thorns on the canes, come ready to endure a thorn scratch or two. more


Invasive Clearing to Prepare for Native Planting

November 10, 9am-12pm @ Beaver Pond Natural Area on TC

Get ready for 200 native plants! We need to clear an area that is mostly covered in ivy right now, with some blackberry, bindweed and herb robert. This is the main planting site for 200 native plants that will be delivered not long afterwards. If we have time and enough volunteers, we'll clear the rest of the planting site, which is more dominated by herb robert and bindweed now. more


Licton Springs Park Work Party

November 10, 10am-2pm @ Licton Springs Park

Join Friends of Licton Springs for our monthly work parties-- Get yourself and Licton Springs Park in shape! Canary Reed pulls, Mulch barrow jogs, Wood chip bends, planters' squats and bramble root digs. All you need for a good days work out. more


Orchard Street Ravine Monthly Work Party

November 10, 9am-1pm @ Orchard Street Ravine

Join us for a community work party restoring and preserving our native forest. Yummy treats and beverages will be provided. more


Plant Native Plants and Learn Native Plant ID at Westcrest Park

November 10, 10am-2pm @ Westcrest Park

It’s planting time in the PNW! Come join DIRT Corps for our annual planting event along the West Edge section of Westcrest Park in Delridge. We’ll be planting over 100 native plants in a recently restored area of the park. You’ll learn where to plant different kinds of plants, why you are planting them there, and how to plant them so they have the best chance to thrive and make the park even more beautiful. We’ll also get a chance to identify and learn how to remove select invasive species. This site has lots of little mini-ecosystems and is a great place to see how different groups of plants like different soil/water/light conditions. more


Restoration Work in North Beacon Hill Greenbelt

November 10, 10am-1pm @ Cheasty GS: Cheasty Blvd

Help restore a Cheasty Greenbelt site on North Beacon Hill to the beautiful forest it was meant to be. This work party will focus on preparing the land for future planting. We will also have a bucket brigade to move wood chips from 25th Avenue S into the site so they will be available for upcoming planting work parties. Come join the fun! more


Roxhill Park Cleanup Crew

November 10, 9am-12pm @ Roxhill Park

Join us on the 2nd Saturday of the month to meet neighbors, remove invasive plants and clean up litter. This parks covers a large area and we are always looking for more hands to help keep the park beautiful for the whole community. We will have a group sweeping the grounds for litter/garbage and a group working on the plants. more